Diplomat Beach Resort Weddings
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Diplomat Beach Resort Weddings

I have not shot a ton of Diplomat Beach Resort Weddings, but this one was a good start.  In this shot I wanted to showcase the little, soft moment between the bride and her grandmother.  In fact, when this moment started to happen, her grandmother actually backed away because she thought she was in the way!  I told her NO WAY!  I then took her by the hand, and I walked her over to the "action" of the dress with mom and I gave her a "job" to do.  I said "Here, you stand here, hold this part of the dress and smile at your grand daughter".  She did..  and I took a few shots, and then I said "Ya know.. none of us would be here today if it weren't for you!" I had the whole room laughing up a storm, and when the laughter settled down I captured THIS shot, which was 100% authentic, and 100% would NEVER have happened unless I saw what I did, took control and MADE an end result happen.  This is what drives me on the wedding day.  I try and "see" things and opportunity, and ways to always improve the raw content of the work that I do. 

I know I show a ton of "supermodel" looking images LOL, and you should automatically understand that for each of thous I have, and take a thousand others that are just the day unfolding. I showcase the shots that I do, because they are very hard to make and showcase a style that not every photographer can replicate.  Here is a perfect example of that :-)

Diplomat Beach Resort


Location: 3555 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019.