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Creative Wedding Photos in Miami

Shot in downtown Miami, FL this was an interesting capture because it really shows how even in the middle of the day, when things are hot and nasty you can still come out with nice looking shots. Creative Wedding Photos in Miami can be tricky, as it seems that most people all seem to do the "same old thing" and I think that's both boring, and annoying.  However, it does make it pretty easy for me to stand out in my market!  So, that is a good thing.

Here you will first notice the sun, and I decided to use this as the main element in the frame.  This is not fake, or “Photoshop” or any other type of silly gimmick that I see out there.  No, this was all made directly in the camera, and I positioned myself so that I could get this between the rays, and then used my powerful lighting to properly expose for them.  The wide lens, and low position enhances Danielle’s dress length and when mixed with the lighting situation offers this “wow” shot taken in Downtown Miami, FL.

Sadly, this was the one and only session I have done like this!  I think it's time to do this again (with the "right client") and see what else I can come up with, because this is REALLY exciting stuff, and I 100% feel I am one of the best photographers in Miami for this kind of content.

Lets do it!


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Location: Downtown Miami, FL.