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Hotel Colonnade Weddings are some of my best work.  I don't know what, or why.. maybe it's the type of client's that book this place, and my style coming together.. but, every time I work here it's fireworks.  Let's spend a moment talking about this shot specifically..

The term “photo journalistic” is an over used term in the wedding industry.  Most people don’t truly understand what that really means.  Basically, anyone taking images on the wedding day.. of –anything– can be considered a “photo journalist”.  However, when I think of this term it really means that I am capturing moments that are “not posed” or are “natural”.  All of the little moments that happen all through out the day etc.  The shot above would lead you to think that this is exactly that.  However, it’s not.  It was a real moment all right, but the fact they are standing in the perfect light, they are holding hands, and they are looking at each other is all by my design.  Julie had just finished getting into her wedding dress, and was very excited.  All of the other girls, and mom were running around the room doing random things.  It was me, that said.. “Okay, let me get mom, and maid of honor over here for a second” then, I bring in Julie to join.  I knew what I wanted to create, I just needed it to look completely natural. My personality, the things that I say, the way I say them etc..  plays an incredibly important role in the images that I take.  This image above really represents that, and I am willing to bet anything that in an album this would be a top pick.

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Also, you can see me in action at this very hotel, and in the same room by watching this video.  This shows exactly what I am speaking about, and how I use my personality to get the types of shots that I do.


Location: 180 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.