[dropcap]H[/dropcap]aving amazing images to show clients as an end result is great, and admittedly drives me to do what I do and I love that!    It’s what most photographers (and clients for that matter) think is the most important thing when looking at wedding photography as a whole.  Makes sense right?

But you know what.. 300+ weddings, and 8 years of doing this full time I have another thought…  If I am being totally honest, the most important thing is actually about communication, and having a solid framework in place on the business side of things that supports my talents, and unique abilities as a photographer.  I have learned that the ONLY way any client is doing to actually get the MOST amazing results that I am capable of, is if I create a solid, consistent, framework (see the second video below) and then communicate very openly, and candidly with all of my clients on the best practices as it relates to the wedding day logistics.

The fact is this.. 90% of my day to day work as a “photographer” is spent managing, and preparing for the best results to happen out in the field, with my clients.. which then ironically becomes about 10% of the actual process.

So regardless if I am your wedding photographer or not, take some time and check out the videos below.  Each one is 60-seconds or less, and hits hard on some of the important aspects of the wedding day that will 100% impact the end results that you will expect and want when everything is all said and done.  This is some of the best advice and true honest value that I can add to anyone’s wedding day, and this hopefully makes me much more then a “photographer” and while I like making great images, I LOVE helping people get the most from their day 😉