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Best Hotel Colonnade Wedding Photographers

Julie & Joe’s wedding at the Hotel Colonnade. This shot of Julie with her eight “bridesmaids” has become viral within my brand.  This was very much a “Vanity Fair” inspired image that existed in my head before I created it.  I specifically worked with Julie before the wedding, and planned the entire “getting ready” process so that all eight girls were –actually– ready on time, and this shot was possible.  I have been named one of the "Best Hotel Colonnade Wedding Photographers" as a result of this shot alone, and was on the cover of Inside Weddings, and Modern Luxury Brides magazines shorty after the wedding.  You can see the full blog post here, and all the details.

The real take away here however is not the shot itself.  No.  It's the fact that I planned this shot with my bride before the wedding.  This is the level of planning that I offer, and the level of detail that is required in order to even have the opportunity for something like this to happen.  THEN it comes down to the photographers personal abilities, (personality, technical etc..). I spent years, and years shooting weddings full-time and I always had massive frustrations with how I knew I could get better shots IF ONLY.  "If only" this, or that, were different.  Then one day I decided to stop waiting around for the "perfect wedding" and MAKE THEM ALL that way.  See this video:


Location: 180 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.