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One of the goals that I have within my business as a Miami Wedding Photographer, is to create a website experience like no other.  The biggest (and most important) thing that I "sell" is in fact... me.  It's my personality, technical abilities and experience that all come together to form the brand that I have today.  While it's nice to look a bunch of pretty pictures on anyone's website, the biggest consideration should be who the photographer really is, and how they work.  Understanding this very important concept will help you decide who you want to work with, and what your expectations should be.  In a world where anyone can throw together some nice pictures, this becomes the only way to ensure your truly happy in the end.

I realized several years ago, that if I could just show people a fraction of what goes into the weddings, and shoots that I do.. that it would totally change my business, and bring people so much closer to understanding who I am, what I am all about, and most importantly... what to expect.

I am very proud to be the only Miami Wedding Photographer to offer such an extensive behind the scenes library of all that I do.  With over 400,000 views world wide, there is absolutely no better way to get to know me, my style, and the "how" that goes into all the amazing content that I am capable of producing.  So, I invite you to browse through some of my videos, and take part in all the incredible experiences that I have had the pleasure of capturing.  Below each video is a link, that will take you to a blog post to see even more, read about all the details and truly be at one with my brand.

This was one of the most impressive few moments I have ever experienced while holding a camera!  Check me out, laying down on my back in the middle of Times Square NYC where my clients SHUT IT DOWN for their engagement photos.  This was just breath taking, and you will never see anything like this anywhere else!  You can visit Vanessa & Scott's blog post with all of the details.

Hands down THIS is the most unique wedding I have ever shot!  Here is a 60-second preview of the full 30-min episode on my blog.  After you watch the above video, click HERE and check out the full blog post from this wedding, and also see the full episode that walks you through the whole amazing trip!

I  have always dreamed of shooting at The Breakers in Palm Beach, FL.  Finally, after 8 years of doing photography full-time, I got my shot.. and it was amazing!  Here is a 60-second preview of that shoot.  You can head on over to my blog  to see the full post, as well as the full video that will show you a ton more!

Here is some footage of the "getting ready" coverage from Lindsey & Chris's wedding day.  Their wedding was at the Hotel Colonnade in Coral Gables, and this video REALLY shows my personality and what the working dynamic is like having me at your wedding.  You will see how I overcome challenges, and learn how I use my own personality to leverage real reactions from my clients.

I rarely (if ever) have gone to a wedding where the groom was "all about photos".  Generally speaking, they are less then excited to have photos taken and this can be a real challenge for most photographers. Watch this short video, and watch HOW I use my personality to leverage the situation with all of the guys and "get the shot" at the Biltmore Hotel.

Allure Of The Seas is the second largest cruise ship in the world, and I have shot a wedding on it!  Check out this 60-second preview of our 7 day wedding trip, and be apart of all the fun!  Click HERE to see the full 18-min episode on my channel, and truly be apart of this special wedding trip!  You will get to see me in action both on this trip, and on the wedding day rocking out all the amazing images!

Check out this amazing wedding at the Epic Hotel in Downtown Miami, Fl.  Here you can see me work with all the girls, mom, and even some styled shots of the Bride.  You will clearly see how it's all about my personally, direction, and ideas that lead to the end results that I show.  This is what it's all about with wedding photography!  You can see more from Laura & Evan's wedding here.

One of the most popular videos on my channel with over 32,000 views! Lindsey & Chris's engagement session in Miami, was truly unique.  They wanted to create a "story" on how they met, and wanted me to shoot this like it was a movie.  So, this is exactly what I did!  Join me in this very telling video that shows the story on how they met, and how I also added in some of my creative ideas to the mix!