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The Hotel Colonnade is one of my all time favorite venues to shoot a wedding in South Florida. I remember dreaming about shooting my first wedding at this place one day, the grand stair case, the amazing Rotunda ball room, everything about this place is pure luxury. This of course was back in 2010, and since I have now shot several weddings here. In fact, I think I have been here no less than 50 times since!

Now, while I LOVE this venue and am always honored to shoot weddings at the Hotel Colonnade in Coral Gables, there are some challenges that come up. I think the most common is how to always walk away from the day with truly unique content that does not look like every other wedding shot there?

In some respects it's a GOOD THING to have nice, consistent results wedding after wedding. This means that you as the bride will have an excellent idea on what to expect from the day! However, the challenge still remains on how to make it truly unique and special. So, for this image I wanted to showcase *exactly* that point..


If nothing else, this will be a shot that you will never seen done again at this hotel :-) So I hope to inspire you (regardless of where your wedding will take place) to think about some interesting and creative concepts that would be fitting for your day. Once you have them, communicate them with your photographer and make it come to life.. because it's shots like this that truly make people go "WOW". :-)