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I am very humbled to be referred to as one of the Top Miami Wedding Photographers by many client's, venues, and churches.  It is not an easy title to live up too, but I try :-)

“You may now kiss your bride”, so this is always a tricky situation for photographers.  Now, we need to instantly change all the camera settings, turn on a flash, and walk backwards to capture you, the bridal party, mom’s, dad’s etc all coming back down the isle.  So.. this image (above) is exceptional because, I am not using any “on camera” flash at all.  I hate that “look” that it gives.  So, here what I did was install two off camera flashes on clamps to the second story balcony in the church before the ceremony started.  I “pre programmed” my fancy “pro” camera for the flash settings that I would need at this very moment, by using my assistant as a “test dummy”.  LOL.  Once I was happy with the result, I turned off the remote on my camera and was set.  When the time came, I simply pressed one button on my camera to switch over modes, and flipped on the transmitter to activate the lighting and I got this.  A texture rich image that has dimension, and looks stunning.

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Location: Coral Gables, FL.