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Kampong Wedding Ceremonies

I have a love / hate feeling about the ceremonies at the Kampong.  On the one hand they are magical, private, and just breath taking.  On the other hand, they require a far walk from the main building, and are totally in the open.. which, means if it rains.. your doomed AND stuck out there without anywhere to hide (long walk back).  So, I would keep that in mind.  I hate saying that, but it's true and a consideration when thinking about this venue for a Wedding Ceremony. 

Thankfully that was not the case here..  This is a genuine, raw, happy moment. (above).  I am several, several feet away with a long telephoto lens and I am just cleaning house with emotional shots.  This one, tells the whole story.  So many people in this shot too, are so happy.   I absolutely love it.  On this very point, when I am shooting a ceremony I am not looking into my camera “squinting” like most people do.  I look straight through my viewfinder, just like I was looking at you normally and I am using my other eye to watch everything around me.  When I see mom, dad, a bridesmaid, etc.. cry, or have any type of emotion.. I am capturing it. It's moments like this that really make the wedding day what it is.  Then, when you "sprinkle in" some of my "candy" shots (styled images) from the day, you get a result that is well beyond that of anyone else in this market.

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Location: 4013 South Douglas Rd Coconut Grove , FL 33133.