Wedding at the Pullman Hotel Miami
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Wedding at the Pullman Hotel Miami

This was an amazing Wedding at the Pullman Hotel Miami.   I have shot at the Pullman many times before, but this one was really nice!

If you read what I wrote on some of my other images on this site.. this is another PERFECT example of practical application.  Notice how I have shot the bride and groom here.  They were taken in their separate rooms.. yet, when you pair them together (blog, album, here, etc..) it really makes for a nice impactful spread.  It’s almost as if the groom is looking at the bride.  You have to think in practical terms when shooting, and how you plan to use the images in the end.  This will always lead to the best results.  This is kinda like taking photography to a whole other level.  It's about being able to "see" beyond what's in front of you and thinking in a global framework.  It's not easy, but it becomes necessary after awhile. Otherwise you just end up with a bunch of "nice" photos that can't really be grouped together very well, and this is not a good situation. The ability to take images in a way that can be used in practical examples is by far one of the most important aspects when searching for your photographer. 


You can check out their wedding blog post here.

Location: 5800 Blue Lagoon Dr, Miami, FL 33126.