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Thankfully Melissa & Leo did an after session with me!  I don't know if all Coral Gables Wedding Photographers offer this, but it's something that I love to do when the client's won't do a "first look" yet.. still expect a ton of photo content from the wedding day.  The only other way to accomplish this, is by dressing back up and doing another session on another day like this!

That moment just before the kiss.  This moment, I love even more then the kiss.  It’s just as exciting to look at as it is in practice.  This beautiful capture I love because of the expressions (or lack there of) on their faces, and the lighting / composition.  It’s not all the time where I actually have a “foreground” in my images.. this time, I did and it was great.  I shot through a flower / plant with a long lens and got this “I am a fly on the wall” prospective.  Lighting here is actually quite powerful.. I shot the first take with no back light, and it was..  meh.  “okay”.  Then.. I powered up my Ranger pack.. and dialed in 1100 watts of power (needed to over power the ambient) and got this incredible bead of light around them in broad daylight.

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Location: Coral Gables, FL.