Rainy Weddings in Miami
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Rainy Weddings in Miami

They say rain on your wedding day is good luck.  Well, some times Rainy Weddings in Miami can make some of the most impressive shots in the world.  It just depends on your photographer, and how creative they are.

More rain on the wedding day!  The shot (above) was taken on the wedding day where it had been raining all day, and all night.  It give me a ton of creative freedom, as the “expectation” now from the client was that “I am not going to get good shots”.. which was the farthest thing from the truth.  So, I walked around the reception, and I found this little spot near where the cooks were making the food for the guests.  I saw the french door, and more importantly I saw it was covered from the rain.  So… I got my clients in position, and used a flash to create the mood I wanted, and to also show the little rain drops as they fell.  The only bad part about this, was that I myself got really wet making this shot LOL.. but, I think it was totally worth it when you consider that here I am a few years later all nice and dry.. and this shot is sitting on my site looking pretty impressive.  So, although rain on the wedding day can be frustrating to some, I rarely care and never even bother to look at the weather forecast.  I just don't care.  Rain, shine, whatever.. bring it, and I will make something really great with it!


Location: Brickell, Miami.