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I don't think there is any place in Miami, more unique for a wedding then the Cooper Estate.

I truly love this place, and think it should be a top pick if your wedding is on the smaller side (less then 100).  It's really an incredible place, and I will show more in the next few shots..

Here we go, this was one of the fastest shots I think I have ever done (above).  Things were starting to run a little late, and the car was there at her house waiting to bring her to the venue…  She also had a video team there capturing content, and I had a split second to “take a look, at what i’m looking at” and I saw this image form in my head.  The second the video guys cleared the frame, I posed her body, and had her look off camera for this capture.  The lighting was a simple, on camera flash that was used off camera (left) and the car, as well as background was lit by the sun.  By shooting it this way, I was able to retain all of the color, and detail in every part of the frame.  This, to me, could fit right into any magazine.  What you don't (and should understand) is that this same image (had it been taking without the lighting) would have looked horrible.  It would have not contained ANY of the rich color detail that you see here.

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Location: 14201 SW 248th St, Homestead, FL 33032.