Dover Hall Outdoor Wedding
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Dover Hall Outdoor Wedding

You wanna know why I love this stunning Dover Hall Outdoor Wedding shot? It’s because this shot, printed HUGE and framed in a 16:9 aspect ratio on a wall.. would look stunning.  This shot is what I would call a nice “creative practical”.  Meaning.. it’s beautifully done, has a wonderful color depth and has an almost “commercial feel”, yet is not so over the top you would feel weird framing it.  I seriously think an image like this has so many unique uses, and I am really happy I created it.

This was actually done moments after the "first look" (something I strongly recommend to any client getting married)  You can check out this 60 sec video on this very point here:

Without doing a "first look" images like this would never have happened.  It's just how it goes on the wedding day.  So please keep this in mind as you look at great shots, and start establishing expectations of your own.

Getting back to the shot... I wanted a more "free flowing" feel to this one, and had them walk towards the camera.. and I used my own personality to get them to laugh and look back at one another.  I was careful in my timing, and ensured I had all eyes on the background and the "framing" of the shot.

You can actually watch me in action at this wedding, and I have included a video below that is a 60 second preview of the full 30 min. episode.  You can check all of this out on the full blog post over here.


Location: 1500 Manakin Road Manakin-Sabot, VA 23103.