Curtiss Mansion Wedding Photos
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Curtiss Mansion Wedding Photos

I have been to the Curtiss Mansion only once, and it was a real experience.   So, for me to show some Curtiss Mansion Wedding Photos is really an exciting thing!

Now, it's getting harder and harder for me to showcase static detail items in my portfolio as I gain more and more experience as a wedding photographer.  You can learn more about what I am talking about here in this blog post.  I just have evolved away from placing too much importance on a static detail item, unless it's actually on the bride (or some other family passed down item of sorts). Otherwise, you could just go to the manufacture, or the designers website and copy the same shot.  Right?  It's very true, and a little unsettling to hear.

(to be totally clear, and to set your mind at ease I take all the detail items, and I do it very well.. but I still will challenge you to think more about practical application vs. taking photos for the sake of taking photos).

Anyway.. this brings me to this specific shot.  WOW.  What a shot indeed.  Forget what I said LOL.. this one was really incredible!  Shot at f/16 to get that sun to compress down into a star for effect, and then firing my poor little speedlite at 1/1 (full power) to match that exposure for the dress.  But, I did it.. and I was right, it was worth 3 or 4 full power dumps from the light!


Location: 500 Deer Run, Miami Springs, FL 33166.