Weddings at Diplomat Hotel Hollywood
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Weddings at Diplomat Hotel Hollywood

I told my client's "okay, see that balcony way over there? (pointing to this location hundreds of feet away at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, FL) they said "yeah"  I said.. "Great, I need you over there for this one.. "  LOL.  So they walked over, and I stayed put and directed from this vantage point.  I had seen the sun beaming in, and creating all of these incredible hard shadow lines all over the place and I wanted to be sure to take advantage of this in my shot!  Thankfully I found a "clear" section for them to stand in without being effected from the sun.

The Diplomat Hotel offers a very unique setting for Weddings. It's no wonder my bride and groom loved this place as much as they did.  I can see why!

The brides dress was also a topic all on it's own.  It was one of the sexiest wedding dresses I have ever seen.  It's by Berta, and you should check out all of their incredible lines of dresses! After this shot we headed out back for the ceremony, and then back to the HUGE ball room for the reception.  This place is EPIC!  I def. recommend checking out this hotel for your wedding if you want things to be easy, and all in one place!

Location: 3555 S Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019.