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I love Hyatt Regency Weddings, and I have made a video (below) that speaks all about why.

For this uniquely, styled shot of my clients I am using the lighting in the room for my backdrop. 

The lighting of this ball room was incredible.  Blue they wanted, and LOL blue they got!  This was taken just seconds before all the guests would enter the room to be seated.  I wanted to “show off” Jackie’s figure for a kinda “sexy” shot.  I have posed her, aiming her waist away from camera, bending the leg closest to camera, and then having her face turn back toward her man (and my light).  This created the lines I wanted, and resulted in a very flattering shot of her!  Admittedly, Christian (groom) is more of a “prop” here in this shot LOL, but that was the whole idea.  For what it’s worth I did other variations of the same thing for them.. it’s just that “I” liked this one best.  So, this shot is very impressive in terms of the lines, the light, and the ability to also showcase the Hyatt Regency all at the same time.  The clients love it, I love it, and the hotel loves it.  This was a real win, and will look great in their wedding album.

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Here is a preview video of the promo I did for this hotel:  You can see the FULL video here.

Location: 50 Alhambra Plaza, Coral Gables, FL 33134.