Wedding on Cruise Ship
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Wedding on Cruise Ship

I love a Wedding on a Cruise Ship!  (so far).  I have shot two of them (2016 on Majesty Of The Sea's, and then again 2017 on Allure Of The Seas) and in both instances it has been some of the most incredible experiences that I have ever had.  Now, I don't know if that's just because Royal Caribbean is the best or what.. but, we have had a ton of fun with them.  This shot (2016) was taken inside of one of the rooms on the boat, and I used the ceiling to capture it!  Basically, I looked up and I noticed this crazy reflection of the chairs, and thought to myself.. humm.. I wonder if I can use this for a creative tool?  I told my clients.. "I don't know about this one" (just in case it did not turn out well) but in the back of my head I was pretty confident, and had to give it a try.  It was pretty quick, and my assistant Matt held a studio light camera left, and to the side to give me this incredible result.

So, I guess you could say I am a bit of a risk taker, and I think to get the type and level of shots that I do this is kinda required.  This shot has a practical application in the way of being a WOW shot inside of an album spread.  When you mix this in with all the normal shots, it really speaks volumes!

Check out this video.. it shows EXACTLY how I did this shot, and many others!


Location: 1850 Eller Drive Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33316.