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While there are many different reasons to love the Hotel Colonnade in Coral Gables, many of these reasons will always be totally transparent to my clients. Why? Well, because it has nothing to do with the obvious and everything to do with the technical aspects of the wedding day (which I could talk all day about, but won't to save you from some long reading).

I will however explain this, as it relates to this stunning image of my bride on the wedding day...

Generally, suite 514 is the master Bridal suite. It's an amazing two story loft mini apartment. Because of this, one of the main stand out features is this huge floor to ceiling wall of glass (the window). It also features a power shade operated by remote, and this is very important because it allows me to control the light that enters the room! So, in the case of me wanting to make this super texture rich looking image all I needed to do was to shut down the amount of light coming into the room, and work with a narrow slit of light with my bride. So, I did just that and this was the result.

One last thing I want to communicate here (and also applies to many of my other images) is that the importance of time and timeline execution on the wedding day is at the top of the list. For every wedding that I shoot, I take the time to carefully gather all the wedding day details before hand and I actually formulate the creative aspects of the wedding day about a month before hand. This way, we have a solid plan of action and you get the best chance of creative shots like you see here :-)