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Hilton Key Largo Weddings

I remember the day I took this Wedding Photo at the Hilton Key Largo.  I looked down at my camera screen said said to myself "Yeah, this will be a keeper" That was 2011.  lol.  Since that time, I have grown to love Hilton Key Largo Weddings because there are so many great places to take really great (and most important unique) wedding shots.

For this shot, I was VERY lucky in the sense that it had been raining ALL DAMN DAY, and we finally got a break from all of the rain and the sky had a pocket of sunset.  I love the Keys because it's about the only place in South Florida where you can get a west bound sun set shot!

Here we are on the dock at the Hilton Key Largo Resort, and the sun was setting.  I quickly grabbed Layda & Chris, and brought them down for this stunning shot!  What you don’t see… is my assistant holding a 13–foot boom, camera right with a light attached to the top, standing on the VERY edge of the dock!  I think MANY (most all.. like.. 99%) of all other Miami Wedding Photographers would shy far away from trying to make a shot like this. It's just too complicated, takes too much effort and in many ways was even pretty risky.  I saw the situation and I said.. "fuck it".. "lets do it".. and BAM! He we go! ;-)


Location: 97000 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037.