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This is where it all started

2004 (ish) I purchased my first camera.  I was living in Vermont, and it was cold and snowy.  I actually thought to myself..  maybe if I have a nice camera I will be motivated to learn more and one day take some pictures of some “hot girls”.   (Trust me, this is what goes through all guy’s head at one point or another when they first get into photography LOL).  I am sure you remember that show “America’s Next Top Model”.  I never missed an episode.  I was addicted to it.  I really only cared about the photography parts, and when they would do the photo shoots I would pay close attention.  In all honesty.. this is where I truly started to learn the technical aspects of photography.   Little by little I did some experiments, and started to research all of the different aspects of what went into the shoots that I adored.

Little by little I gained more and more experience through trial and error, and then in 2008 I moved to Miami, FL.  My head exploded, and so did my photo opportunities.  Within two years I had a full portfolio of model images (some I still show today).

My two highlights came from two impressive publications.  The first was with Maxim Magazine.  I did a very sexy shoot (can’t show on my site) but it was with this model:  and it was pretty hot! 

Maxim Photos shoot in Miami

Then, a few years later I had my big publication with VOGUE and bridal fashion designer Rania Hatoum  

Miami Fashion Photographers 

So, now looking back 14 years later at that younger me, sitting on the couch in that cold small apartment in South Burlington, VT who once thought “boy, that would be nice”.

Well.. congratulations to myself, because I did it.  I really did it, and for me and my life that’s a big deal because so long ago it seemed like a joke and if I had of told my friends back then “one day I will be published in VOGUE or Maxim” they would have said “sure you will!”.  So, this gallery is also a big F.U to anyone who thinks it’s not possible.  If you want it, go out there and hustle it up until you get it.

Why this matters to my brides

Now.. Let me be totally transparent with you.

it’s no secret that this gallery is last on my list of things to sell on my website.  Clearly, I am a Miami Wedding Photographer, and this is where my main focus is now in all reality. Weddings make up 90% of my income each year. Me shooting weddings is another whole story, and for that you can watch my Risk, Regret, Reward interview to learn more.  If you want some more motivation, then this is where you will find it.

As a bride looking for a Miami Wedding Photographer, seeing this other side of my work is really important.  First of all, this is where I started.  I learned ALL of my lighting techniques, execution, and camera know how from sessions like this with models.  What I then did was bring over these “commercial” aspects into my wedding work.  What this did was make weddings very fun for me, it allowed me to have a style that truly stands out and is impressive.  You see, it was never practical for me to think I would make a living shooting models (as my fun as I am sure that sounds).  Weddings were another option, but I never could see myself doing them like everyone else.  I needed to be different, and unique and this is exactly how I did it.  With Weddings came more experience (now have shot 300 weddings) and I continue to refine what I do each year.  Currently I am consider one of the most talented, technically capable Miami Wedding Photographers, and I owe all of this to work such as this.  Also, how bad ass is it to tell your friends that your wedding photographer has shot for VOGUE?  😉

The other thing this does for my weddings, is it helps refine my brand a bit more.  I don’t generally attract the “quirky” people of the world.  I attract the people who take this a little more seriously, and want a very refined end result that is frankly on par with a big production shoot.  Ironically this is what a wedding really is.  It’s a big production, and I am right there in the middle of it making it stunning.