Breakers West Wedding Photos
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Breakers West Wedding Photos

The Breakers West Country Club is truly an incredible place for a wedding.  The next few images show more of that, but for now I want to talk about this one.  This is my bride and she is getting ready in the front room as you walk in to the building.  I am showcasing this image because I want to call upon some of the things that I was thinking about when I took it, and some of the specific things that I feel many would actually overlook vs. saying "oh, nice shot"  So, allow me to explain WHY this is in fact a "nice shot".

First, the background it totally clear.  No obstructions, no mess, no nothing.  I have picked a plain wall, and it allows for HER to pop and separate from the background.  Next, the lighting here is really on the money.  I have her face right into a nice window, and then I am using a LED light to shine some highlights on her hair, and edge of her body.  This REALLY makes a big difference, and further makes this image extremely impact-full. But, that's not what I really want to show.  I want to show how this image is actually showcasing all of the little detail items.  Earrings, bracelet, hair, and lashes all are very noticed in this shot.  The other thing that I have going on here in this Breakers West Wedding Photo is the fact that I have cropped this shot in a way that suggests that she is naked and not wearing any clothing.  This is interesting, and not something that you would generally see.  So, it also becomes a little sexy all at the same time.

You can learn more about my thoughts on shooting details like this over here on this blog post.

Or.. you can watch this video and listen as I show, and talk all about this very topic.


Location: 937 Dickens Pl, West Palm Beach, FL 33411.