Las Vegas Wedding Ideas

Las Vegas Wedding Ideas

Living in Miami, FL is nice (especially in the winter months) however, in terms of photography.. there are only so many times I can truly get excited about "going to the beach" or going to the same old garden spots for shoots all of the time. After 9 years of doing this full-time I have come to the conclusion that the magic behind being a wedding photographer is that we can TRAVEL! Going to new places are truly the best. It's a new experience, it's a new adventure and this is great for clients as well. Take this image for example, I am sure local Las Vegas photographers have driven by this location thousands of times and to them it's nothing special because they see it all the time. However, for me.. it's a totally different excitement!

What your looking at is a styled shoot that I did for a workshop that I taught out in Las Vegas at the end of 2018. I have always wanted images like this in my work, and the experience to go with it. This trip was 5 days of shooting back to back all kinds of amazing content.

Below you can actually see a short 60 second clip from the behind the scenes video on how we made this shot!

Then.. if you want to see the full video with ALL 5 days of shooting you can do that below:

Location: Boulder City, NV.