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Candid Wedding Photos Miami

I hear all the time from couples that they want "candid" moments from their wedding day.  They often refer to the very overused term "photojournalist" and this is something that should be addressed.

Its not what you think!

If I were to actually go to a wedding and just focus on taking candid shots, I would have some pretty upset clients.  Well, let me say this in another way... If I went to my weddings and I waited for nice candid moments to happen, I would be coming home with very little (if any) content.  and... very upset clients.


Because, candid moments don't just happen in the ideal place, light, and time.  They just don't.  SO, it then becomes an interesting challenge for the photographer to actually "create" moments that look candid.  This is the key.

On my site under "iNFO" I speak about my "5 Pillars of success" and one of them is my personality.  When you see images like this one, your looking at me, and my personality to make this happen.  It's the things I say, the way I say them and the timing of what I do that allows me to get incredible candid moments like this, and this is so important because at the end of the day this is a business, and I have some pretty high profile clients that have demanding expectations.  I need a way to be able to walk away from ANY wedding with content like this.  Not just hide behind "lucky shots" or say "well, nothing really happened this time" This is a loosing mindset, and sadly what most "photographers" think.

So keep in mind.  The #1 thing that I "sell" is myself, and my personality first.  The images are just the end result.

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Location: 50 Alhambra Plaza Coral Gables, Florida, USA, 33134.