Best Wedding Venue in Coral Gables
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Best Wedding Venue in Coral Gables

Hotel Colonnade is hands down one of the best Wedding Venues in Coral Gables.  In fact, I think it's one of the best Wedding Venues in Miami, FL period.

Here is a reason that I am sure is overlooked 99% of the time by most people.

The rooms!  The rooms are large, and feature large floor to ceiling windows that let in a ton of beautiful light!  or.. as you will see in this case, allow me to control that light and feathering it on my stunning bride Julie.  You see to get super nice shots like this, it takes an understanding of lighting, fall off and how to leverage a situation to create texture, dimension and mood. 

With the veil on Julie is ready to go.  But, first.. lets move over to the window and get some more detail shots of her.  So, now I have the veil to play with and I want to also showcase all of her accessories, and her as well.  I needed an “excuse” to pose her hands and this just came to me.  I then pull the veil over to make it very soft and “romantic” and I get this (above).

What a great and creative way to showcase some of the "detail" items from her wedding day, yet still include her in the shots.  This will look incredible in her wedding album.


Location: 180 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134.