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Miami Sweet 16 Photos

Likely one of the most impressive Miami Sweet 16 Photos I have taken!  The subject, the city, the lighting, the colors.. everything all comes together here to make it "pop" and makes you say WOW!

This is what I would call a very "Miami" Quince / Sweet 16.  I think when people think about Miami, and the people that live here.. this is kinda what comes to kind, and this is exactly what this young girl wanted.

The lighting here was very specific (as it needed to be).  I have three lights.. a main light, (Beauty Dish with a Grid) in close on a boom arm.  Then, I have two kicker lights on stands in the background.  This is what is creating that nice highlight and "edge" light.  I have also paid attention to the wind, and have ensured I have her posed so that her hair goes with the wind.  She had beautiful hair, but it was hard to manage.   

Also, because she had long legs and wanted to show them off.. I had to use some long strip banks as the kicker lights.  If I used another type of light (flash, or bare bulb) it would not have been the same effect.

The camera was set to the ambient, and this registered the city at around 12800 ISO at apx. 1/50 and this was shot at f/2.8 with the full compression of my 200mm lens.  IS was used on the lens to help stabilize the slow shutter needed for the city, and the flash ensured a razor sharp image because there was ZERO ambient light on her 100% of the frame was produced form the flash (so technically I did not need any IS at all).  

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Location: Miami, Fl.