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After we got all of the shots with her in the tree, we then wanted to go and get some nice controlled shots of her up close. 

We found this patch of colored flowers, and thought this might work best..

The setup here was more then you think..  we had to first use a giant scrim to block out all of the nasty sun that was in our (her) face, and then I needed to get my beauty dish in as close as possible to her face.  (I had to actually crop this shot in very tight to avoid it in the frame.)

Then, to create the dynamic look that I have here, I needed to have some separation so this is where I am using the second light (camera left), and this is gelled amber for effect.

So, between the lighting, the pose, and the background I was able to fire off a few frames here that really show her up close, and illustrate just how beautiful she really is!

I love shots like this because it is not clear where this location was, and it's nothing like the "standard" type shots that you see most Miami Quince Photographers take all the time.  I think this is why they hired me.  They wanted something better.  Something different, and something that had some real style to it.

You can see more from this session here on my blog!


Location: Miami, Fl.