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Indian Quince Photos Miami

I think this Indian Quince Photo taken in Miami features the longest legs ever!  She was SO tall!

Taken on location in Miami's Design District, I have used color to my advantage here.  We were walking around the streets, and found this yellow wall, and I decided to use this as a nice background.  What a cool, fun contrast shot!

The lighting here was a small softbox held by my assistant camera right, and then a separation light camera left on a stand.  I gelled the back light to give even more effect to the yellow tones in this shot.

I love how simple this Indian Quince Photo is.  It's almost like a studio shot.  

Shooting in Miami's Design District for Quince Photos can be a ton of fun!  It just depends on your style, and what you want in the backgrounds.  You can check out my site for more examples in this location, and see if this is something that you may also want to do.

I think the best idea is to in fact go to a few different places so that you can change your clothing, and have different "looks" from your session with me.  This way you get the most from what I can offer.


Location: 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127.