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"Sweet 16"

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I am a pretty unique Quince Photographer in Miami.  Why?  Because 99% of my business comes from weddings, and 1% of the time I get to go out and "have fun" with a styled shoot like this.

I see what's out there on the internet for "Quince Photographers in Miami" and there are some pretty creepy looking photographers out there LOL.

So, with that being said let me assure you that the "experience" you will have with me will be nothing short of first class and professional.

This unique capture is very interested as it's shot in a special location in Miami where I can fill the frame with rocks!  This makes for a very unique looking shot, especially when you add in the pop of color from the dress!

Lighting here is actually just the ambient, and then a kicker light up on the rocks.  The pose played a big role as I needed to ensure that her arms were separated from her body (a mistake I see a lot of photographers make with their subjects).  If the arms come in contact with the upper body, they will appear to be larger.  So, every little detail has been accounted for, and this was the result!

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Location: Miami, Fl.