Quince Photo Shoots in Miami
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"Sweet 16"

Quince Photo Shoots in Miami

As if this Twilight themed Quince Photo Shoot in Miami was not enough..  My subject was also a dancer!

We wanted to bring that to life in a unique way, and decided to use the hanging vine as a way to make the shot more creative!  So, here she is hanging on a tree vine, and posing for the camera. 

One VERY interesting fact that you would never in a million years guess..  is that dress that she is wearing... that was her mothers wedding dress, that was altered for her to wear for this session!  HOW CREATIVE was that! ?  This alone was just incredible!

Now, for the lighting here it's a little more involved then normal.  The problem we had was the sun!  It was actually shining directly on my subject, and creating nasty shadows... so, I had to use a HUGE 8-foot scrim to cut back all the ambient light (remove the shadows) on her, and then I was able to control the rest of the frame with my off camera lighting.  You will notice the sun way in the background through the bushes..  except, that is not the sun at all.. this is one of my lights ;-)  The main light was a beauty dish in very close, and tight.

You can see more from this full session here on my blog.


Location: Miami, Fl.