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"Sweet 16"

Studio Quince Session Miami

Find me a girl.. and she will say I want my legs to look as long as possible.  This is exactly what she said, and what I did for this Studio Quince Session in Miami.

The funny thing here, is that the session was actually over. LOL.  You will notice that we are not shooting "in" the studio.. rather, behind it.  I had noticed that sun was coming up, and making some cool looking shadows on the floor.  I wanted to use this in the shot, and so I placed my subject right where I wanted her, got down, and got this stunning shot of her!  I payed close attention to the exterior structures as well, and used them in my shot.  Admittedly, she looks slimmer here then she does in some of the other "regular shots" that I took of her.  I realize she is only 16 (and tread on thin ice), but never the less she (and every girl) still wants to be flattered and made to look as thin as possible, so I do what I can and this is a good example of that in real world practice.  Tell me I am wrong, and I will call you a liar. ;-)

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Location: Miami, Fl.