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Miami City Quince Photos

I think Miami City Quince Photos are incredible. (especially at night).  I love seeing all of the background lights come to life.  I just think it's one of the most unique things you can do (shoot at night time).  Perhaps the best idea is to actually shoot some shots during the daytime, and then we can go and do some shots at night with the Miami City in the Background.  This way you would get the best of both worlds.  For this styled session this is exactly what we did.  We went to several different locations all around the city (some during the day, and some at night) and we got some pretty amazing content!

Now, this specific shot is very unique.  There are several things going on here.. and I will explain.

First, the lighting is done with three lights.  A main light (soft box) in close to control fall off, and then I am using two rear "kickers" to pop some highlights on her from the side, and behind.   Lastly, you will notice smoke in the frame.  This is real, and was provided from a smoke stick that I brought along to the shoot!  Pretty clever huh!   One of the benefits of shooting at night, is that I have even more control over the lighting and can make even more creative effects happen in the camera.

The end result.. is a shot that is sure to impress, and is filled with detail!

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Location: Miami, Fl.