Miami Quince Photos at the Beach
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Miami Quince Photos at the Beach

This Miami Quince Photo taken at the Beach in Miami,  is like no other.

Seriously.. this is like no other shot you will find anywhere. Period.

Now.. if your a dad.. your not going to like this shot, LOL... and I understand because I too am a dad.  Try and focus on my abilities as a photographer, lighting, and strong composition.  My clients are free to dress anyway they want for the sessions. I am completely impassive when it comes to this. FWIW.

But, be that as it may.. this is what she wanted, and this is Miami, Fl.  So.. off we go!  

Now, this is a very unique shot because I invented this setup.. (composition) .  Everyone asks me "where is that".  and,.. I won't tell unless you hire me, and want this shot!  It's super clean, and very clever.

The other thing I love about this shot.. is the fact that LOL.. although we are "at the beach" and there is NO SAND!!!  :-)  I hate the sand, and this is a brilliant way to avoid dealing with it.  Do you agree?

Anyway.. on to the tech..

Lighting here was pretty simple.. A main light on a 20 foot air stand (Mola Beauty Dish) no grid, no sock.  Bare bulb.  Rim light was a HP high polished reflector from Elinchrom mounted to a 400ws Quadra head camera left.  (one of the rare occasions the rim light and main light are on the same side).

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Location: Miami, Fl.