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Park Quince Photos Miami

My clients wanted to get some Quince Photos in Miami at the Park.  So, I said "sure, let's do it!"

First, we started with some really nice close up shots (as shown here).  Why?  Well, because 1. I always want to get some nice close ups.  and 2. I always start with the close ups first, because the makeup is fresh, the hair is perfect, and it's always a good idea.  (a little tip for all of the photographers that I know surf my page often).

The setup for this shot was a little over the top BUT.. the results are also nothing like what "most" photographers are even capable of (I know that sounds like an ego thing.. and I want everyone to know that it's not.  I really do put on commercial productions for all the shoots that I do, and this is not what most people expect).

Anyway..  here we have a "clam shell" setup with the lighting.  Basically, it's a beauty dish on a boom (above) in close REALLY close, and then I am using a "magic arm" to clamp on another beauty dish (bottom, aimed up) to fill in the shadows..  SO.. two "main lights".  Then, I have two additional lights in the background as a kicker for the hair, and one of them is gelled with a CTO.

So, it's an insane setup..  BUT, when I am looking to create some of the best content possible, and at the highest level there can be no compromise.

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Location: 401 E 65th St, Hialeah, FL 33013.