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Beach Quince Miami Photos

There are Beach Quince Miami Photos.. and then there are my shots.

Let me set the record totally straight here... this is not Photoshop, this is not a filter, this is not a gimmicky effect.. this is a real capture in the camera.  THIS is what it looks like to actually get things correct in the camera!

I say all of this because it is impossible to find other Miami Quince Photographers with this type of technical ability. (and I mean real ability, and not some photo gimmick tricky that I see out there).

I hate the beach (sand) so I rarely recommend going there for any type of shoot. (notice I have totally cropped out the sand).  BUT... the rest of the shot is really nice!  The sky is unreal (yet is real) and the water is super nice.  This shot looks the way it does because I have used an incredible amount of lighting in the field to bring out every last detail.  THIS is my "photo shop".

THREE lights were used for this capture. A main light, and two kicker lights on either side of her.

I used some stacked filters on the lens to increase the sky's saturation, and all of this was 99% done in camera!

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Location: Miami Beach, Fl.