Quince Photos at the park in Miami
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Quince Photos at the park in Miami

This Quince Photo at the Park in Miami is one of the most vibrate shots I have ever taken.  Please realize that this shot was done IN the camera, and NOT some gimmicky Photoshop effects.  This is the result of thousands of dollars in lighting gear all coming together with my ideas in the field.

First of all, the composition is very clever.  This was taken at Greynolds park near my house in Aventura, Fl.  I go there to drive remote control trucks with my 5 year old son, and while I am there I come up with ideas for my shoots.  Like this.  This is the massive rock wall they have their, and it's amazing!  I wanted to use this for a photo shoot and here it is!

The day we shot this it was VERY sunny, so I had to use a polarize on the camera lens to saturate the sky and stone.  This also allowed me to use a shallow depth of field (stacked ND filers) then all I needed was 2000ws of power!  (which I had).  So.. this is the result.  Insane!  With the main light (beauty dish) in super close, I had all the control I needed.  I even had a rim light hidden up camera left!

Legs galore here!  She loved it!

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Location: 17530 W Dixie Hwy, North Miami Beach, FL 33160.