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Vizcaya Quince Photos

Let's face it Vizcaya Quince Photos are absolutely beautiful!

However.. Many people feel Vizcaya is very "over done".   I do agree, but you can't deny how nice they come out.  So.. it takes the risk of finding another location away.

But, if you take another look at my portfolio you will only find a handful of shots taken there.  This is because I try and scope out unique places other then what "everyone else does".

With that said, there is nothing wrong with shooting at Vizcaya for your Quince shoot.  I would just think about perhaps another location that we can go to as well!  This way you have a nice verity of content to choose from!  Maybe a more formal dress like this one at Vizcaya, and then a more "fun" outfit at another location of your choice.  This makes for the best shoot possible.

Lighting here was a medium sized octa bank on a boom held by my assistant camera left.  Nothing too fancy.

The pose is simple, and expected (not many options with a dress like that) and overall is a nice, solid capture that I am sure will look very nice in a frame, and on my blog :-)


Location: 3251 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33129 Opened: 1916.