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"Sweet 16"

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Now, I don't have my own studio (no need for it since 99% of my business is weddings, and location sessions) So this Quince Studio Photo was taken in a rented space for the day in Miami.

I simply brought all of my lighting gear, and rocked it all out!  (you can see all of this in the video below).

I do love shooting in the studio, because it is pretty easy once things are all setup and the results will always be totally consistent (which is a good thing) but you can only do so much, so it's best to come with some ideas of your own, and then I can add in my ideas.. this way you get the best of both worlds.  Make sense?  :-)

For this shot I wanted to "make lines" with her body.  Pretty simple, and flattering.  You will notice all of the little "pockets" of space around her arms, legs, and the separation between her shoes.  All of this makes a big difference to the final results.

Anyway, the lighting here was a strip box in the rear / right corner of the frame.  This is lighting her and the background.  The main light was a Mola dish in pretty close on a boom.  No sock, and no grid.

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Location: Miami, Fl.