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Miami Beach Quince Photos

For this Miami Beach Quince Photo I have chosen to go back to this location where I once photographed a model (Maria) 

South Beach Fashion PhotosI love this spot, and this time I wanted to use it in a different way ( to just fill the frame with white).  I think one of the most striking things about this shot is her perfectly pin straight hair.  Thankfully there was no wind (yet) and I was able to take advantage of this.  This actually brings up a very good point.. when you are doing shoots like this.. always start with the close up shots FIRST.  The reason, is because as the shoot progresses, the makeup could fade, the hair will frizz etc.. so, you always want to minimize how noticeable this is on camera. So, the rule is.. do all of the close up shots first.. and then move on to the full length afterwards.

Now, we did a TON of different shots from this session, and you can see them all here on my blog post.

Lighting here is a mix.  It's apx. 60/40 ratio.. with 40 being a rim light that is in the background giving her some separation, and also bouncing off the white structure and providing some fill light on her too. Kind of an all in one LOL.


Also, be sure to check out this behind the scenes video from this shoot!

Location: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.