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"Sweet 16"

Ballot Quince Photos Miami

For this Ballot Quince Photo in Miami we wanted to capture something different.  So, we decided to do this one at night, with the water and lights in the background.  To make the shot even more unique we also added in some smoke for effect.  The resulting shot was just incredible and always gets compliments from others.

I just want to say... that, when I look around on the internet and see all of the Quince Photos in Miami, I see a lot of "over the top" produced shots and this is incredibly misleading IF you expect several shots delivered.  What I mean, is that a lot of what you see is not something that happens in the camera, but is then produced AFTER the shoot.

THIS is not photography.  This is digital art.  The is fine as long as you understand that, and know you will only get one or two edited shots from a session.  My clients hire me, because they know and understand that my results are authentic, and not some gimmicky "effect" that is plastered on afterwards.  The shots I take are TIMELESS and will look amazing even when you are older and look back at this time in your life. Something to think about when choosing your photographer.

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Location: Miami, FL.