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So this is hands down one of the most unforgettable Quince Photos in Miami!

In fact, this is one of the most unforgettable shots that I have ever taken of anybody in my entire life. This is Danielle, and this was one of the shots from her Sweet 16 photo shoot with me in Miami Florida. The theme of her photo shoot what is mainly based on the hit movie series “Twilight” and as such we have her posed up in a tree for this particular shot. What’s interesting, that you are not seeing in this picture is the fact that right when I got her pose perfect for the camera she actually turned around and fell out of the tree, and hit the ground.  Thankfully she was OK, got back in the tree, and then nailed the pose even better the second time around here. 

The other interesting aspect of this photo is the fact that she’s actually wearing her mother’s original wedding dress that has been altered for her. I think that is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen in my life and I think that is a brilliant idea on how to properly use your wedding dress later on in life! What a creative idea!

The most difficult thing about this shot was in fact the pose.  If you look carefully look at the pose you’ll see that it’s very well executed. You will notice that I have created space between her back and the tree, I have created a space within the framework of her arm and then I have carefully spaced out her shoes so that every aspect of her body is very flattering and well defined in the frame.

The lighting for the shot was also not easy. My assistant is holding a 13 foot boom that is providing the light for her up in the tree.  Meanwhile I have a second light which is to simulate a sunset positioned far off to the camera left side of the frame… this is giving that really beautiful warm highlights on both the tree and Danielle.

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