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"Sweet 16"

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This is a very unique action Miami Quince Photo.  Danielle (subject) wanted to try and get some movment shots of her doing some dance moves.  Sounds easy enough right?  WRONG!  It was very hard, and I almost could not do it.  Getting focus just right was hard, getting the lighting all setup was hard, and then nailing the timing of everything was also very, very hard.  I had to have her do this dance move several times in order to get the shot.

You can see that my idea was to get her framed between the parking meters on the street, and use the wall as the background.  Overall I am pretty happy with the shot, and it is well lit.  Her head is slightly back too far, but that is a minor nit pick.  The most important thing is that she loved it, her mom loved it, and I love it too (mainly because of how damn hard it is to do LOL).

Since.. I have done other dancing shots.  Such as this session..  and as you will read there, it was also very, very hard.

You can see more from this session here on my blog.


Location: 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127.