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Miami Studio Quince Photos

In the previous image I was talking about shooting Miami Quince Photos in the Studio.. so, I won't repeat myself there.  Although, one other thought that I came up with that is good about shooting this way (in the Studio) is the fact your protecting from the sun, rain, and heat!  LOL.  We had cold drinks all day, and music was blasting.. so that is also a positive factor that generally is not the case when we work out in the field.

Being comfortable in your shooting environment is very important.  If you not comfortable, then you are never going to get what you want out of the shots.  Period.  If you FEEL horrible, you will look it too.

Another little tip I want to share (especially for young girls) and that is to GET SLEEP the night before a big shoot like this.  DONT stay up late. So many times I have seen girls get way too tired, and this is only after an hour of shooting. LOL.  So, please be sure to get plenty of rest the night before so that you are fully charged and ready to go!

This was a 3 light setup.  A main (Mola Beauty Dish) and 2 strip banks (rear left, and right).  Together I was able to get this final shot!

Better then me explaining any of this, you can sit back and watch here:

Be sure to see all of the shots from this shoot here on my blog.


Location: Miami, FL.