Quince Photos with a Tree in Miami
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Quince Photos with a Tree in Miami

This Miami Quince Photo in a tree gets a ton of questions, and lots of attention.  It is no doubt eye catching, and one of the most unique Quince Photos in Miami.

So, yes.. this is a real tree and yes, she had to climb up and get in it.

Yes, it was pretty high, and yes we had to use a ladder.

Her shoes were handed to her AFTER she got in the tree.

Yes, she was scared.. and almost did not do it at all.  

No, this was not my idea... nor would I recommend doing it.  But, if this is what you want.. then.. okay!

The hardest part, was the lighting.  I had to get a 30' light stand to get my lights up high enough for this shot and that was a HUGE PITA.  BUT.. it all worked out as you can see here.

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Location: Miami, Fl.