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"Sweet 16"

Unique Quince Photos Miami

Hands down one of the most unique Quince Photos in Miami.  No doubt about it.  I wish I had the behind the scenes camera rolling on this one.  Here was the story...

We were at South Pointe Park in South Beach shooting images and had actually finished everything.  We were all packed up, tired, and walking back to the car.  My assistant had to use the bathroom.. so we had to stop and wait for him.  While he was in there, I noticed this kiddie water fall and all the kids running through it.  I was sitting there, and dreaming in my head.. "boy, it would be cool if I could light that all up.. but, it's the middle of the day.. and I don't know if I can".

SO.. totally transparent to my client, I actually setup a little test.. and did one test shot at 1/1 (full power) with my powerful 1100ws pack, to see if I could in fact create the background that I wanted.

I looked down at the camera and said out loud "Holy Shit!"

I grabbed my client, and posed her in front of this, and told the kids to stand back for a few seconds while I made this capture!

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Be sure to check out this behind the scenes video from this shoot!

Location: 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139.