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Design District Quince Photos

Sometimes you get really luck with a shot, and that was the case with this Design District Quince Photo!

Here is what had happened.. 

First of all.. let me tell you about the setup... It was late in the day (just as the shot looks) however, there was NO light on the building!  We had actually just missed the sun by about an hour, and it was already too low, and the building was actually totally in shadow, and the ambient light was falling rapidly.

What was the Tiger to do??

Well.. thankfully I had a 1100ws pack with my, and an HP reflector.  What I did was, I setup this pack on a stand and placed it down the street a ways, and I aimed the reflector at the building.  I cranked up the power to 1/1 (and this sounded like a fire cracker going off) and sure enough with a little adjustment in my ISO I was able to render a fake "sunset" on the building that I could replicate from shot to shot. (oh this light did in fact have a 1/1 CTO gel over it).

So.. that took care of the building..  now, I needed to deal with the subject.  So, I used another flash (400ws Quadra) and again, I used a full 1/1 CTO gel, and another reflector and I used this also down the street, and aimed this at the girl.  This now meant I had a VERY convincing looking "sunset" shot.  I adjusted the white balance in the camera until I had the tone I wanted, and the the LAST thing I needed was a main light on her.  This was another 400ws light with the Mola beauty dish in close (no gel). This had a grid (to control spill) and now I had my "magic show" all dialed in. (this only took about 2min BTW). I move with impressive speed.

I posed her like you see, and the WIND came, and grabbed her skirt.. and I was right there to get it! (that was the luck part).


Location: 2520 NW 2nd Ave, Miami, FL 33127.