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Sunset Quince Photos Miami

Sunset Quince Photos in Miami are among some of the most beautiful types of shots ever.  The problem is that it can (always) is hard to pin point that time of day, and even if you do.. all  too often clouds come and can ruin it.


I don't rely on the "sunset" at all. Nope.. instead, I make my own damn sun!


Through very powerful remote lights that I bring to all of my sessions.  These lights are so powerful, that I can control things even in the middle of the day (as seen in this shot)!

By looking at this shot, you would automatically assume that was taken at sunset.  This was not the case.  This was the result of my lighting, and I was able to actually create this effect IN THE CAMERA with no gimmicks, or post work of any kind.

When I see all of the over processed photos that are on the internet these days from other photographers, I shake my head and laugh. I say this in all honesty.. and that is, it's REALLY hard to ACTUALLY find a REAL photographer anymore.  I really take pride in that.  What I do, is on a totally different level then that of 99% of other photographers, and it shows.

Think about this..

Think about getting all of your Quince Miami Photos back from your photographer.  Let's say they took 500 images.. and you booked them because of a few "impressive" shots on their site. (common trap).  Do you really think ALL 500 shots are going to look like that?  Do you think they are going to go, and edit ALL 500 shots to make them look perfect like you see on their website?


Guess what.  ALL 500 shots with me ARE going to look the same.  They are all going to be consistent from one to the next.  This is because I am not having to do ANY "gimmicks" or "over the top" edits to my shots to get them to look like they do on my site.

So.. this means you will have EXACTLY what you expect, and this will take almost no time to get back to you, as they are made perfect at the point of capture like a real photographer should ;-)

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Location: 401 E 65th St, Hialeah, FL 33013.