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Night Quince Photos Miami

I say this will all respect for all photographers in Miami... There is no one better at Night Quince Photos then myself.  Period.  :-)  Save your "searching" and book me now.  There is just zero comparing.

The night time shots of Quinces in Miami (or any other shoot for that matter) are a HUGE strong, and selling point of mine.  The techniques that I use are that of a full production shoot, and I spare nothing in the pressure to render the best possible shot.

Listen to this..  for this shot (as an example) I have lights mounted (clamped) to the far away bridge that is hundreds of feet away, JUST so I can get light on the other side of her beyond the water.  That..  is insane.  But we do it.  In my "down time" I am driving around, and looking for the best spots to get shots all around Miami.  I have found some of the most unique places anywhere in the city to get shots (day or night).  It's true.. when you love what you do, you work harder to ensure the end results are stunning.  This should be very evident in all of my work.

Tech:  Main light was a gelled CTO 1/1 with a ND filter over the flash tube (to knock down the min. power) double diffused (two baffles) on a boom stick at 8.2ws.  Kicker.. somewhere around 25ws full CTO.  Camera ISO 12800 apx. 1/50 f/2.0 85mm. 1DX

More images from this session here.

Location: Brickell, Fl.