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Farm Quince Photos Miami

I think Farm Quince Photos in Miami are a great idea!  Perhaps this is because I am from Vermont LOL.  But, never the less I am down to shoot them anytime!

Here tho, this was not "really" a farm.  It was a barn and a fence, and it "looked" like a farm but it was actually a park.  The way I shot this would make you think otherwise tho.

Let start with what I think is really working here.. first, the subject is obviously beautiful.  Her outfit is also very nice, and "pops" from the background. (red is generally a good choice).  The shoes are super cute, and add to the whole "doll like" feel this shot has.

I have tried to create the illusion of motion, and have her looking off camera to further "sell" that.

The lighting here is pretty straight forward.. I have tow lights.  A main, (Mola beauty dish) hand held by assistant on a boom stick camera right.  The kicker, is a 400ws light on a stand camera left out of frame.  Full CTO on this light, and this had a HP silver reflector on it.  The shot started with the ambient in camera.. I got the barn and far trees to look just as I wanted within 2 tests shots.. and then, I simply dialed in the power levels of the lights to match that on my subject.  In the end I get this.  A VERY impressive shot.

More from this session here on my blog.


Location: 401 E 65th St, Hialeah, FL 33013.