Quince Photos on a Farm in Miami
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Quince Photos on a Farm in Miami

This Farm Quince Photo in Miami is not what you think.  Not even close.

Let me explain.

First.. this is not a farm.  This is a park.  :-)  

Next, this was shot later in the evening (but not nearly as dark as this shot would lead you to think).

Now.. the sun.. was NOT in this shot at all.  There was no sun what-so-ever.  It had already gone down, and now the problem I had when shooing was the background was way too dark.


"I will just bring back the sun".

Sun.. come on back!

1100ws later.. it was back ;-)  A powerful studio light was used to lit the ENTIRE tree line, and distant barn as well as grass. I even got some of this light on her for effect.  The light had to be placed VARY far away in order to get a wide enough beam.. but.. it worked!  

The main light was a Mola dish on a boom held by my assistant camera right over the fence.  This is also why she is looking that direction. (key into the light).

The sky.. was blue, and was underexposed in the camera.  It was made blue like this by using a cool white balance (3200k).

The end result.. is just stunning.

More from this unique session here on my blog.

Location: 401 E 65th St, Hialeah, FL 33013.